XE Rate Alerts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about our XE Rate Alerts Service.

  • What are mid-market rates?
  • Mid-market rates are derived from the mid-point between the "buy" and "sell" rates from global currency markets. We use mid-market rates for our free information services since it indicates the value of a currency that is not weighted towards either buying or selling.

    "Buy" and "sell" rates include overhead and profit margins that are independently set by foreign exchange providers; their rates can vary and will differ from the mid-market rate. You can check out our XE Money Transfer service for no-fee currency transfer options.

  • What is a Rate Alert?
  • Our XE Rate Alert allows you to create an exchange rate alert for the currency pairing of your choice (for example: US Dollar to Euro). This alert will trigger (either by email or through our app notification, depending upon your sign-up selection) when the selected currency pairs reach your set exchange rate.

  • I compared your rates to the other rates and they don't match. Why?
  • There are many currency markets all over the world and specific rates will vary from market to market. Our sources are global, which means that data for a currency can be updated even when the markets of its home country are closed. For example, prices in the New York and London metal exchanges generally follow each other, but are very seldom exactly the same.

    You may also be comparing our mid-market rates to your foreign exchange provider's "buy" and "sell" rates which include overhead and profit margins. We do offer “buy” and “sell” rates through our XE Money Transfer service.

  • How can I get historical currency rates?
  • Historical currency rates can be found through our Interactive Currency Table.

  • Where do you get your currency rates?
  • We use live, real-time rate feeds from global forex markets which means rates can be updated even when a country's markets are closed. If a currency is not regularly traded, we use the most recent data available. Our advanced systems factor in data from a wide variety of sources and automatically corrects errors.

    Note: If you need data for commercial purposes, read about our XE Currency Data API.