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Trying to find a specific XE tool, service, or webpage? Browse through the variety of currency tools and services we offer, like our world famous XE Currency Converter. You can send money abroad securely with XE Money Transfer or learn about forex trading basics. If you are looking for commercial currency rate data, check out the XE Currency Data or our other licensing services. Plus you’ll find mobile apps, our company newsletter, and more below!

  • XE Currency Converter™

    Converter 180+ currencies with the world's most popular currency tool! It enables you to quickly and easily calculate how much any amount of one currency is worth in another currency.

  • Current and Historical Rate Tables™

    This web-based service enables you to instantaneously create cross-rate tables of major currencies in the base currency of your choice. Get exchange rates for a specific date.

  • E-mail Currency Update Service™

    Subscribe to free daily email updates with currency rates for the top 85 currencies. The XE Currency Update Service also includes news headlines, and central bank interest rates.

  • Personal Currency Assistant™

    This free service is a pop-up browser window that accompanies you while you surf the web, allowing you to perform currency conversions no matter where you go. It's the Web shopper's best friend!

  • Free Currency Charts

    Create a currency chart for any currency pair in the world to see their currency history. These charts use live rates, are easy to use, and have rates for up to a 10 year time period.

  • Travel Expenses Calculator™

    Calculate your travel expenses by using accurate historical exchange rates and accounting for hidden foreign exchange charges.

  • Credit Card Charges Calculator™

    This free tool assists you in determining your financial institution's charges for foreign exchange transactions processed using your credit card. A great companion to the Travel Expenses Calculator above.

  • Foreign Exchange Charges Calculator™

    This free tool assists you in determining the hidden charges you pay for foreign cash or travellers' checks. Another great companion to the Travel Expenses Calculator above.

  • XE Travel

    XE offers an assortment of Travel Tools for your next trip! Whether it's a currency app on your mobile phone, or Travel Reviews to help you pick your destination, XE Travel is the perfect resource for you.

  • IBAN Calculator

    This free service allows you to see the full breakdown and meaning of the data components that make up International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs).

  • Rate Alerts

    Need to know when a currency hits a specific rate? The XE Rate Alerts will let you know when the rate you need is triggered on your selected currency pairs. Sign up on our site for email notifications or through our app for notifications on the go!

  • Money Transfer Login

    For existing XE Money Transfer customers.

  • XE Money Transfer

    XE offers hassle-free ways to transfer money at competitive exchange rates! Available for both business and personal use, XE Money Transfer offer quick online quotes, secure transactions, and works with your bank.

  • XE Currency Data API™

    A professional-grade foreign exchange rate data service available in a variety of formats (including XML) and designed for commercial use in accounting systems, custom software, e-commerce sites, and more.

  • Currency Converter Widget

    Add an XE Currency Converter to your website and syndicate our rates. Customize your own converter and get live rates and access to every world currency for free!

  • Link to Us

    Linking to any of our services is fast, easy, and FREE. This page explains how to establish links, and even provides source HTML code for you to use.

  • iOS & iPhone Money Transfer App & Currency App

    Keep track of live mid-market rates for every world currency on your iPhone or iPad. That's 180+ currencies that you can convert on the go for Free!

  • Android Money Transfer App & Currency App

    Calculate live mid-market rates for every world currency on your Android smartphone. That's 180+ currencies that you can convert on the go for Free!

  • BlackBerry XE Currency App

    Get live mid-market rates for every world currency on your BlackBerry. That's 180+ currencies that you can convert on the go for Free!

  • Windows Phone XE Currency App

    Explore the rich features that our XE Currency App for Windows Phone 7 has to offer. Keep track of live mid-market rates, view historic currency charts or convert 180+ world currencies on-the-go for FREE!

  • Windows 8 App

    Whether you're traveling with your tablet or working on your desktop computer, you can easily convert every world currency with the XE Currency App for Windows 8.


  • Currency Trading

    What is currency trading? Read this series of currency trading articles that incorporate dynamic forex tools such as Currency Market Analysis, Live Currency Rates, and Central Bank Rates.

  • Fraud Prevention

    The best defense against theft and fraud is knowledge. Learn how you can protect yourself against the scammers.

  • XE Currency Encyclopedia

    Familiarize yourself with technical language that traders use. Improve your understanding of Forex concepts and look up commonly-used terms.

  • Money Transfer Glossary

    Familiarize yourself with technical language used in the world of money transfers and look up commonly used terms.

  • XE Currency Blog

    Keep up-to-date on currency market activity with the XE Currency Blog. It features in-depth XE Market Analysis articles and posts from a number of XE Contributors.

  • XE Community Forums

    Join the XE community and connect with others who share similar questions, ideas and experiences. Register and participate in our community discussions.

  • About XE

    Learn more about XE’s mission to facilitate global commerce. Read about the company history, customers, and promise of responsibility.

  • Contact Us

    We want to hear from you! Find information on contacting XE.com.

  • XE Newsletter

    We are constantly working to provide you with new and better tools and services. To receive updates about our progress, you can subscribe to the XE Newsletter.

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    XE works with a number of data contributors, technology organizations, and advertising partners to help deliver the best currency products, services, and tools to millions of people worldwide.

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