Sending money to South Africa with Xe just got even better

Money transfers to South Africa now come with great rates and can be completed in minutes.

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30 de abril de 20213 min read

At Xe, we’re always working to increase the breadth of our service. We’re thrilled to announce that you can now send money to South Africa with Xe

We want to help you ensure that when you send money to South Africa, you’ll get a great deal and you know exactly how much you’ll receive on the other end. That’s why we’re offering:

  • Great rates

  • Fast transfer times (arriving within minutes)

How to send money to South Africa with Xe

Sent money with Xe before? We’ve got good news: the sending process hasn’t changed at all.

Haven’t sent money with us? No problem. You can take a look at our article on opening an account and sending your first money transfer for an in-depth guide to the process.

Get Started

  1. Sign in or sign up. It takes just a few minutes to get started.

  2. Get a quote and confirm your transfer. Provide your recipient information, enter your payment details, and initiate the transfer.

  3. Money gets delivered. Sikhona will get in touch with your recipient to confirm their details. Once that’s done, the money will be deposited directly in their account within minutes. More on that below...

What do you need to know about Sikhona?

Once you’ve confirmed your money transfer, there’s one final step. We’ve partnered with Sikhona to facilitate our money transfers to South Africa, and they will contact the recipient to request they provide some information on their online form.

If you’re sending the transfer

Nothing to worry about here! You won’t need to do anything. 

However, you may want to give your recipient a heads up that Sikhona will be contacting them, so they’ll be ready to go and get their money transfer as quickly as possible.

If you’re receiving the transfer

Sikhona will send the transfer recipient an email under Xe branding to confirm their identity. If there’s no response to the email, they will follow up with a text message and a phone call.

They’ll just need to confirm their identity with the following details (if you are sending money to yourself, you will also need to confirm your identity):

  • Mobile number

  • Email address

  • Proof of identity/address

  • Personal information

Don't worry—your recipient doesn't need to have a South African phone number. If they don't have this number, they can

Once that’s done, the money transfer will be released into the recipient bank account. It should be deposited in the account within minutes.

Good news: you’ll only need to fill out this form once. If you’re planning to send or receive multiple transfers, you won’t need to do this again.

How much can you send to South Africa?

Depending on your recipient's identity documents, there may be a limit on the amount you can send them. This will also apply to transfers to yourself.

  • If your recipient does not have a South African passport, you can send a maximum of R5,000 per day or R25,000 per month.

  • If your recipient does have a South African passport, the default limit is R75,000 per day or R100,000 per month.

If your transfer doesn't fall within these limits, then the transfer will be rejected.

Ready to send money to South Africa?

Signing up and initiating a transfer takes just a few minutes. Get started and enjoy our enhanced experience now.

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